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Where Asana is Secondary.

With Tess(Alchemy Yoga & Reiki), the mission is inclusion, accessibility and authenticity. Being a human is a hard work and often becomes messy, it's important to have support. The goal is to offer this support. We will challenge our minds, bodies and spirits. We will rejoice in good days because we have experienced bad days. We will be gentle with our bodies when we practice a day after climbing the Incline or emotional trauma. We will be strong and powerful after a good night's sleep and hearty meal! We will cry together, laugh together, struggle together, overcome together, build together, break together, practice together, balance and fall together, and all of it will be beautiful and welcomed. I know what it's like to walk into a studio for the first time, it's natural to be intimidated. So there, we got the ugly truth out of the way early on, coming for the for first time is scary as hell, but I promise you that feeling is only momentary because when you walk in, you will know you belong. Tess wants to show you the magic within and with Alchemy we will transform and build the sacred union that is Yoga.



Bend So You Don't Break

Tess embraces being human, allowing the ebb and flow of life. While practicing look forward to wobbling, giggling, frustration, bursting pride, maybe a little groovin' to the tunes. Alchemy is the place to challenge yourself, learn about yourself, seek answers, ask for help, grow, learn, love. Allow yourself the opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga and everything that comes with it.

*We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time, however, understand life happens and allow 5 minute window.

Much like typical vinyasa flow, there is no race to the finish line. In Slow Flow the main focus is the breath, using a strong, deep breath to smoothly and powerfully transition from one posture to the next. Finishing each sequence with the traditional vinyasa series.

The goal of this HEATED class is to bring out your inner warrior!(Regardless of experience!) Moving through a thorough warm-up, into a balance sequence that will set up for a peak pose. Punctuating this class is a core centered conditioning portion.



Teacher & Perpetual Student


Tess has been called the Energizer Bunny on more than occasion. Born in Colorado Springs, and an early Pueblo transplant, you could've called her a "vibrant" child. Growing up just above the Arkansas river, Tess spent many afternoons climbing trees, inspecting bugs, mobbing the streets of her neighborhood, cronies in tow, dusty bikes from having just come up from the river trail. Sun goes down, it's time for tiny Tess to rehearse for her dream job, the stages of Broadway! Name in lights on the marquis! All through grade school Tess could usually be found on a local stage, performing in more stage shows than can be remembered!

Fast forward *SOME* years later, Tess is still currently residing in Pueblo, with her musician husband, two sons and beloved dogs, Baxter and Jazz. Her passion for yoga was fast and furious. She fell harder for yoga, than Joanie did for Chachi! She had to learn everything she could about yoga, so why not just learn to teach!? If she loved it THIS much, EVERYONE would, right!?!? Tess began an extended format yoga teacher training in April of 2014 at Cambio Yoga Studio in Colorado Springs, at the same time she received her certification to become a Reiki pracititioner with Soul Sessions Reiki. Teaching came naturally, and she spent 4 years teaching and acquiring her yoga certification in the inaugural class at Studio Share, LLC in Pueblo, Colorado. She is currently awaiting registry with Yoga Alliance.  Tess thrives on high energy and building a solid foundations for her students. Convinced yoga should be fun, Tess brings this to every class. With any luck at all, you leave feeling great with a toothy grin from ear to ear!(And sore abs, as she is very core-centric!) Although Tess has aged chronologically, she is still the same "vibrant" child, simply clothed as an adult! And has decided that her stage will guiding all of you through the practice of yoga, and her light? It'll just shine from within instead of on a marquis.

"No one is you and that is your power."

Dave Grohl





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